Helm Grupp AS was established in 1991 in the city of Tallinn as leather finishing factory. 

In 1991 company started to produce Finished footwear leather for local footwear manufacturers. During the years the company expanded and developed, become known as flexible and trusted partner.


In 1998, after 7 years work with footwear manufacturers in local market , company started to look new markets and started to export leather to Scandinavian market. Together with Scandianvian footwear manufacturers company developed new finished leather articles to its production line which quality was suitable to all footwear manufacturing partners.

Within years of hard work and prducton line development in leather market the company earned reputation as flexible and trustful leather producer / exporter whos first priority is always to give customers needed leather with best possible quality.

The quality control starts already in the raw material tannery where we select every hide in base on the quality of the article and in base of customer needs. All production will be checked carefully on each stage up to the finishing process.

Since 1998, after Helm Grupp started leather export, many Scandinavian footwear manufacturers accepted us as their leather supplier & partner as we are flexible in developing out suitable leather articles for their production lines.

In 2005 Helm Grupp AS started with new article line - PU split leather. It was best material for all kind of working footwear where was need for natural high quality leather.

Within next few years Helm Grupp worked hard to find material  what would meet all needed requirements for working footwear and started to make Porvair PU split leather, Same time Helm Grupp worked also with Army boots leather development project

With next 10 years work & development in PU split article line , Helm Grupp AS became one of leading exporter of Porvair PU split to Baltic & Scandinavia

In current time Helm Grupp is one of biggest Porvair PU split leather, Army boots leather & all shoe uppers leather producer/suppliers/exporters in Baltic States and Scandinavia. Company enjoy reputation of experienced, highly skilled and flexible quality leather producer / eporter to whom are important personalised and direct business relation with the clients.

Today we are poud to inform that starting 2016 May Helm Grupp AS is owner of Lapuan Nahka and is also official Porvair Standard and Protector PU producer